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Clean Dimensions excels in the commercial division apart from other companies as we utilize a complete range of tools to create an efficient work force with our staff to keep your  facility at its maximum level of clean.

Clean Dimensions also recognizes that it is important to employers and their staff to maintain a healthy work environment to reduce lost days due to illness.

Our company utilizes a color coded microfiber program which we have created to ensure that the cloths are only used for specified areas and are not being used for a means for cross-contamination between your staff’s work spaces to isolate any chances of illness being passed onto other departments in your facility.

We utilize a user friendly range of chemicals in any of our commercial facilities as we understand the growing need to minimize sensitivities among the work place to ensure all staff are comfortable in their work environments. We use only Green Certified products that are safe for our staff, your facilities surfaces and the environment.

Clean Dimensions also utilizes a Time Tracking Program with all our staff to ensure accuracy of our billing and the ability to generate reports on time  spent in your facility to assist in budget planning and understanding what the  time requirements are to complete  the cleaning tasks.

All of our staff are WHMIS certified.

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